Quilty Secret

I have been working from home for almost a year now and trying very hard to balance time spent at the computer with other creative things. My most recent exploit in this regard, has become a bit of an obsession. The video below tells the story. It lasts just over a minute.

Quilty orders

The material cost of the single (150 x 230cm) Indian block printed blue quilt featured in the video (front, back, wadding and thread) came to £80. It took me 9 hours to make.


If you would like to own or to gift a lovely quilt to a friend or family member, then please make me an offer that covers the material costs and something for my time.

If I recieve more than 4 orders I will buy backing, wadding and thread in bulk which will cut the costs. I have not yet found another supplier of such fine block printed cloths,  but I am thinking of branching out into other beautiful fabrics and even printing some myself. The obsession grows!

Email or drop by to discuss your quilty order!



The single blue Indian block printed quilt laid out on a double bed: