More Quilt

Last October I needed to make a special present. I had a lovely piece of block printed Indian fabric that had been lurking in back of the the cupboard for years. I got it out and decided to turn it into a quilt. I dropped into a tailors/dressmakers on Chesterton Road but realised that to have it made up professionally would cost a fortune. So I set about doing it myself. DSCF7067 I used a very basic technique to make the quilt. I made several more in quick succession. One for Derek, and the one below for Imo.DSCF7077

I then made a cosy quilt from a special table cloth that belonged to my grandmother. Many a family meal had been enjoyed on this cloth and so it represented some precious memories. As it happens, I wanted my father’s body to be to be wrapped in it when he wet to his grave but in the event this could not be arranged. If I could not wrap the dead, I would wrap the  living.  DSCF7069 DSCF7075 I backed it with Calico from Empress Mills where I also bought a job lot of batting – 7m by 3.15 to be exact. They were good value, good quality and prompt. I got slightly more adventurous with the stitching as you can see.